Mission Statement

To be a market leader in a profitable expanding business by marketing, servicing and supplying a diversified line of tools and equipment of the highest quality to service the ever-changing requirements of our customer who will always be recognized as our biggest asset.


Econoflex, is an innovative and diversified national supplier of quality products, trusted brands and creative solutions to clients of hydraulic, pneumatic, air and specialized tools as well as all clients with lifting tackle and crane equipment.


The organization will take on a level of risk (risk & opportunity) in line with its appetite for risk. By applying a pro-active and systematic approach to managing risk that can results in to opportunities for the organization (i.e., enhanced investment performance, brand, reputation, etc.). The aim is to manage and control risk and opportunities appropriately rather than avoid or eliminate it.


The Managing Director, Stakeholders, management and personnel of this division are dedicated to accomplish its objectives. The following primary objectives are:

Health & Safety:

  • Prevention of occupational injuries, illnesses and diseases to ensure Zero Harm.
  • Ensure that this division meets corporate targets as communicated annually.


  • Prevention of environmental pollution.
  • Reduction of energy consumption as communicated annually.
  • ZERO landfill waste.


  • Providing world class products and services.
  • Ensuring that we fully identify and conform to the needs of our customers.
  • Looking at our product and service provision processes, identifying the potential for errors and taking the necessary action to eliminate them.
  • Everyone understanding how to do their job and doing it right the first time.


  • To provide a healthy and safe working environment as well as prevention of work-related illnesses and ill health
  • To ensure all employees are consulted and can participate in relevant aspects of the IMS including identifying hazards, risks, significant environmental aspects, opportunities, incidents, non- conformities and continual improvement
  • To prevention of pollution, protection of the environment, protection of biodiversity and ecosystems, climate change mitigation and adaption, sustainable resource use
  • To communicate incidents, hazards, risks, improvements, changes, opportunities and corrective action to employees where required
  • Provide an enabling culture for reporting incidents and hazards and risks
  • Ensure suppliers contractors and outsourced parties comply with requirements of the IMS
  • Providing all people working for or on behalf of Econoflex with the necessary resources (e.g., training, protective equipment, tools, etc.) where applicable to enable themselves to work safely in accordance with requirements.
  • Implementing and maintaining policies and procedures that comply with legislation, standards and other requirements applicable to Econoflex activities.
  • Identifying clear objectives, establishing targets and implementing programs to ensure compliance towards the identified significant health & safety hazards and risks, significant aspects, risks and opportunities, and meeting applicable requirements.
  • Promoting continual improvement of the performance and effectives of IMS.
  • Informing, training, instructing and supervising people working for and on behalf of Econoflex regarding the control measures required to manage the IMS put into place to manage environmental aspects.
  • Improving customer satisfaction and conforming products and services for all markets served on a national basis.
  • Encouraging a Behavior based safety principle by coaching all staff within Econoflex to adopt a Zero harm approach in the work environment.
  • Upholding and emphasizing the importance of ‘’ONE FOR ALL AND ALL FOR ONE’’ on all work sites and working environments as an approach towards achieving Zero harm within the workplace.

Econo Flex Offers You Our Valued Customer


  • An ISO 9001:2015 approved workshop facility.
  • Test and calibration on all repairs carried out in our workshop.
  • Warrantee & guarantee repairs carried out in our fully equipped workshop.
  • Repairs to all makes, brands and sizes of air tools.
  • Repairs to all makes and brands of hydraulic equipment. (Handpumps, Cylinders, Powerpacks etc.)
  • Repairs to and testing of all makes and brands of lifting equipment no matter how big or small.
  • Supply and repair of all brands of air winches.
  • Supply, repair and service of all makes and brands of air compressors.
  • Supply and repair of air cylinders.
  • Supply and repair of low-pressure hydraulic cylinders.
  • Supply of gauges as per customer requirements.
  • Repair and calibration of the gauges.
  • Supply of pumps as per customer’s request. We also repair all pumps (Diaphragm, Submersible etc.)
  • All repairs carried out are quality checked and passed as per ISO 9001:2015 standards.
  • Affordable cost efficient repairs or replacement units.
  • Reliable turnaround times on repairs.
  • Branches and distributors in all major areas.
  • On site service and repair.

LEEASA: 2022-00029 | LME: 260 | BBBEE Level 2 | ISO 9001 | ISO 45001

Direct Importers and Repair Centre for

Air Tools ● Hydraulic Equipment ● Pumps ● Specialized Hand Tools

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